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The most beautiful market in the city of Porto, where the explosion of surprises takes place inside.
Traditional fashion sewn in contemporary angles will make your visit a cult place for your shopping.

La Portuguese elevates the spirit of the Portuguese woman through its writing, traditions and patterns.

Anabela Diana Coelho Pinto is the mentor of the La Portuguese project. Entrepreneur since the age of 37, she was a textile agent for international Tailoring brands from the 32 years until she gave shape to their projects and creations so unique.

She started her professional career as Purchasing Director and International Commercial Director at the age of 21, simultaneously with her degree in Public Administration, in a company with 350 women dedicated solely to men's tailoring. Brands such as Carolina Herrera, Façonnable, Portocolo Nobios, Hugo Boss, George Armani, passed through his hands.

Treat the world of clothing for yourself, and undo or transform a piece of clothing as if it were a work of art.
A curiosity, her paternal grandfather was Tailor having this appetite for fashion as well.

He followed his passion for fashion, entrepreneurship, creating and making it happen, thus his first projects were born in 2014.

Bleenk is a unique project worldwide, a solution for jumping without This competition was where his entrepreneurial vein debuted, a project that was immediately mediated and internationalized that is already well-known nationally and internationally, but with a lot still to be achieved in the near future.

La Portuguese his second project, where he raises the spirit of the Portuguese woman through his writing, recovering traditions, modernizing traditional costumes and forgotten patterns, he made the 7 skirts his starting point for this adventure of hundreds of Portuguese articles. She mixes her own collections with others that she carefully selects and clearly that in this company, being different, being authentic, being fearless is the hallmark of the house.

she loves to travel and the result of these trips is the import of the best lived experiences adapted to our country.

Cultural experiences such as Fado, with daily shows is the way she found to serve and make known to the world what she thinks is what best represents us, not least because her husband the renowned Mário Henriques, a union that born in this business whirlwind, he is the best guitarist in the city of Porto, one of the best nationally he manages the musical part of this genuine space in the city of Invicta.

Anabela Pinto promises more projects in the near future and makes the suggestion that you visit LA PORTUGUESE and our pages to follow this entire trip.