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My art is rags and garments, it's beautifying.

by Anabela Pinto on October 13, 2021
Many have asked me what led me to think about modernizing the skirt of Nazaré and creating one concept about Portugal.
Life has taught me that it is in the sweetness that we find the best of life.
Here in Porto we are parochialists, we like to say that we are from here, but this feeling is so true, we lie when we say that we only like Porto.
If you could see how the people of Porto talk about Leitão da Bairrada, Sol da Costa Nova, Viriatos de Viseu, cuttlefish from Setúbal, nervousness and excitement at the Santa Apolónia train station, to one more adventure the one in the capital. Fundão, and the cherries, the conch from the Algarve and the island of Culatra, the black capes of the Coimbra students and the magnificence of that city, Viana and its gold, Vila Real and its people. Folklore in the streets of Ponte de Lima. Portugal is poncha and caco cake, cooked from the furnas and Chá da Gorreana.
Portugal is picnics on the side of the road, patties on taparuere, breaded rice, oven-baked rice wrapped in newspapers, but Portugal is also Douro and refinement, it is Caramulo and the palaces of Sintra. It's harvested in September and olive picking, it's leafless, it's stray but mainly Fado, which looks more like a birth that rips the coldest hearts, in the imposing voices full of feeling that make us bow in respect. Fado is a chest of coins offered and hurled into the memory of foreigners.
< div dir="auto">Do you understand why you wanted La Portuguese to be born? If I could, I would put captions on everything that is ours, but I was taught this week that art doesn't have to have captions given my ignorance in front of an abstract painting, art has to be felt and extracted. Each one holds the emotion in him and gives it the form he knows and dominates.
My way of creating is this, the skirt, it has 7 ruffles and for me it is the most beautiful female symbol. I would have a thousand sheets with a thousand memories if I could, like the pleasure of the thousand sheets I ate with a spoon, at Tupi or any Portuguese pastry shop full of traditional cakes. Portugal is sweet, very sweet, it is full and affectionate.
It's love I feel for every land I've set foot on, it's love I've reaped, and it's love I'll squander as long as I know.
My art is rags and garments, it's beautifying.
You know that image of Cinderella, when the birds hold her dress? How does it run and in seconds go from simple to majestic?
PORTUGAL IS MAJESTIC and in the best possible way we should remember that.
Happy Easter is coming o compass, the bells, the Cross, but mainly that warmth of each land with the old people at the door of the cafe with their cap and cane.
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Aiiiiiii, how beautiful and smells good, smells like Lisbon, of a Porto woman with a skirt from the Center, where the giant waves are the size of the my affection, pride and will.
Kissing< /div>
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